Ballistic Film- Bullet Proof

Glass allows businesses to have the look of and feel of transparency and openness. It's one of the key factors in all architectural designs.

With a world of rapidly evolving threat risks and civil unrest and uncontrolled climates we can save you from having to board up your windows.

Our Bullet Resistant Film is discrete and can be applied right on to your current building. Thus securing you quickly and effectively.

Our Blast Resistant Film will also make your windows smash resistant, hammer resistant, bullet resistant, hurricane resistant and bomb resistant.

AZ Alpha Glass can help you apply your film by:
  • Retrofit existing windows and buildings
  • Secure your building quickly and discretely
  • No costly reconstruction is necessary, we use your existing windows and frames.
  • This option will reduce cost
Solar film is only 2 mil thick and is NOT SECURITY FILM.

Security Film  (which is 8 mil thick or more) can also be Solar (tinted) film, and save enough energy to pay for itself, while also providing window breach protection.

Please watch the video below which shows how the bullet resistant film handles impact.

Why Bullet Resistant Film

Not only is Bullet Resistant Film the more cost effective solution but we can quickly and discretely protect your building or home from breach of burglars, hurricanes, tornadoes, explosions, golf balls and more. At the same time this film is saving you enough energy to pay for itself over time.

Glass is the weakest link on your building.Let us help you change that by securing you with our Blast Resistant Film.

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Here's some more footage showing the kind of impact Bullet Resistant Film can withhold.

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